Jet speed driver shaft length

Of course, choosing the right head, loft, clubface angle and grip is important too, but how the shaft. Clarification on left handed club head on right ha. Driver shaft length are you shorting yourself using a 46. The shaft on the jetspeed driver is the matrix velox t. Yardage for a 95 mph swing speed instruction and playing. In creating the name for the jetspeed driver taylormade considered the main strength of the club. Ive gone from a titlest 905 to this club and its so much easier to hit. Shaft adapter sleeve for taylormade m2m1r15sldrjet. The first taylormade driver to fully utilize speed pocket soleslot technology, jetspeed has enlarged the faces sweet spot by 25 percent, mostly in the lower portion of the face.

Taylormades first driver with a speed pocket, making the sweetspot 25 per cent lower on the face. With the jetspeed driver, my average drive jumped to 200220. Hifrom golf wrench tool kit for rbz weights rescue cobra sldr jetspeed driver fw. M6 driver, m5 driverfairway, m4, driver, m3 driverfairway, m2 driver, m1 driverfairway, r15 driverfairway, sldr driverfairway, jet. I was lucky enough to receive the jetspeed driver,fairway and rescue for free. Club loft hand lie volume length m sw length w sw jetspeed driver 9. Then fill in how long you hit with a driver 7iron depending on if youre purchasing iron or wood clubs and which ball trajectory you expect from the shaft. Low and forward cg position promotes lower spin rate for more. The main variable in our testing was the loft and type of driver head. If you dont have one, the rule of thumb is that if you hit your driver less than 200.

Anyone ever shorten their driver shaft for more control. The new and more efficient speed pocket design and ultrahighstrength jet steel face that are found in the taylormade jet speed fairway wood promote fast ball speeds for long distances. Taylormades signature speed pocket metalwood technology just continues to get better, while advanced cg placement is taking performance to new heights with each new product. The driver head has a shallow profile and streamlined shape which promotes a higher launch and faster swing speeds.

Taylormade introduced the first steelheaded woods in golf, and they have been on the leading edge of technological innovation in the golf. The sound difference is noticeable, not harsh, just different. Using trackman my idea was to test the same golfer, clubhead and golf ball, but change the shaft length. The sweet spot is up to twice as large as previous models thanks to an improved speed pocket and thruslot technology, according to taylormade, and instead of trying to gain clubhead speed with a longer. Impressive distance for a driver with this level of forgiveness.

The 46 inch matrix velox t49 shaft is longer than standard for some extra ball speed. I upgraded my callaway razr x black driver to the taylormade jetspeed driver 9. The first taylormade driver to fully utilize speed pocket soleslot technology, jetspeed has enlarged the faces sweet spot by 25. I had my driver shaft professionally shortened to either 44 or 43. Yea, we know, they have released about 14 new drivers this year but the fact is they are not so much. What i do like is that the jet speed goes straighter than my ping, and of course the jet. Speed pocketthe cutthrough speed pocket in the sole has been rounded and made more efficient, translating into faster ball speed and more distance. Director product creation swing speed head speed ball. Use the shaft guide to find out which shafts suit you the best. For me, the added length to the shaft made the shaft feel weaker than usual.

This shaft, while long and very light, is built for increasing speed and. Buy ferrule for taylormade m1r15 jet speed sldr shaft adapter sleeve fits both 0. Ideally, with a driver, a pro will aspire to reach a 1. The matrix velox t shaft is medium weight at around 69 grams in stiff and is 43. Only one coupon code is valid per customer per order. Starting in the 1980s, all the golf equipment companies began to increase the.

The 2014 taylormade jetspeed driver is a monster in the distance and forgiveness categories, outperforming the rocketballz stage 2 driver even as it breaks the mold of how a gameimprovement driver is designed. Lowandforward cg promotes faster ball speed and lower spinrate for more distance long and light 46inch299 grams promotes faster swing speed for more distance and confidence streamlined head. Hopefully by seeing my results you will think twice about just assuming an offtheshelf driver is the right one for you. Great, now lets see how this compares to sldr for distance.

Select from regular, firm, stiff, ladies or seniors flex constructed from graphite or steel. Speed pocket engineered driver promotes more distance on hits lower on the club face. Taylormade has another driver on the market, the jetspeed. The higher the swing speed, the stiffer the shaft flex should be.

From the beginning of the 20th century all the way through to the middle 1980s, the standard mens driver length stood at 43. One of the biggest eye openers for me is how much distance can be gained or lost by the combination of shaft and driver head a golfer chooses. With all of the much deserved hype surrounding the sldr drivers, the taylormade jetspeed is flying a little below the radar plane joke, haha. Driver shaftfitting is arguably the most important part of the clubfitting process. I took my current driver, which is the titleist d3 8. Those who gained speed showed an average increase of 1. I was particularly surprised by this given the relatively light matrix shaft. Find the right driver shaft length for your game golficity. According to taylormade officials, jetspeed, which is set to replace the existing rbz. Hit the ball consistently straight with around 510% more distance.

Rickie fowler finds shorterlength driver to his liking. Graphite golf shafts are lighter than steel shafts. Too much spin can be a distance killer, by lowering the spin the driver can be built to provide improved performance. Your swing speed and distance are the main criteria for choosing the correct shaft and a professional club fitter can help. Read this before you buy your next driver practical golf. Nowadays, with seemingly never ending race to claim longer drives, driver. Weight is another key factor these days and at just under 300 grams, the jetspeed driver felt very light. So, if you would normally use a regular shaft, i would recommend switching to a stiff in this particular model. Rick shiels senior pga golf coach at trafford golf centre tests the latest taylormade jet speed driver on gc2 launch monitor. Taylormade used mens left handed jetspeed driver regular.

Due to manufacturer restrictions, all new not including closeouts. The standard length of a mens driver is roughly 43. The driver shaft length will be 46 inches and weigh 49 grams. After about a month of practice, my average is 220240 and climbing. I play off 15 and would recommend this to all golfers.

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