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April 19, 2012 potentially responsible party internet. Main page north american industry classification system naics us census bureau. The web offers many venues to search known sic codes or by keyword. Over time sic shortcomings of being restrictive, unrecognizing, and too conservative. Government sic code system, there are a total of 1,514 codes included in the 2digit, 3digit, and 4digit levels. The dons disposition authority is found in the secnav manual m52101, the department of the navy records management manual. If an sic code is entered and a keyword is entered. This industry group comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing local or longdistance specialized freight trucking. Sic codes have changed many time since their initial creation in 1937, however, the us government discontinued use of the standard industrial classification system in 1997 and replaced it with the north american industrial classification system naics.

After 60 years of use, the ces program retired the standard industrial classification sic system and replaced it with naics. The standard industrial classification, or sic system, is used for classifying industries by a fourdigit numeric code. North american industry classification system naics main. Naics replaced the sic in 1997 for the collection, tabulation, presentation, and analysis of economic statistics.

If you need the sic code for an business or economic activity related with the search health safety here is the answer. View general building and construction codes in a consolidated platform. Until osha amends the coverage of its recordkeeping rule to reflect data published under the naics coding system, this instruction will use both the naics and sic codes. Piezometer p7 was installed on november 16, 2012, and at that time, the elevation at its location was recorded to be 1264. If selecting inspections within a specific industry prior to. Sic code list of sic codes of activities containig health and safety. An online sic code manual is available for help in finding sic information. North american industry classification system naics. Occupational safety and health administration 200 constitution ave nw washington, dc 20210 8003216742 osha tty. Executive office of the president, office of management and budget, standard industrial classification manual 1987 the sic codes. This blood lead data was obtained from the 2002 adult blood lead epidemiological survey ables which was provided to osha from niosh.

Standard industrial classification sic system was the older way of classifying businesses to provide new comparability in statistics about business activity across north america. This list is by no means comprehensive, but is intended as a resource. Sic code list of sic codes of activities containig health safety. Naics uses a six digit hierarchical coding system to classify all economic activity into twenty industry sectors. From osha, this site also has a very nice online layout of the sic division structure. Since the 1930s, sic codes have been used to classify major sectors of the economy.

If you need the sic code for an business or economic activity related with the search health and safety here is the answer. Naics faq sic faq company lookup faq naics association. Sectors are broken down into ten major divisions, which. This is why appendix a of this instruction uses sic codes. Comments on oshas proposed occupational injury and. Nfpa develops, publishes, and disseminates more than 300 consensus codes and standards intended to minimize the possibility and effects of fire and other risks. Industry surveys, ratios, naicssic company research. The entire sic code list free from ehso sic code list the u. To learn more about the differences between the original 1997 naics and the sic, visit the history link on this web site. Five sectors are mainly goodsproducing sectors and fifteen are entirely services. Osha occupational safety and health administration.

A professional construction company with quality and safety standards that comply with regulations, codes, industry standards, and manufacturer specifications, as well as with our customers contract and individual requirements. The establishments of this industry are primarily engaged in the transportation of freight which, because of size, weight, shape, or other inherent. This method was established in the united states in 1937. Department of labor occupational safety and health. Occupational injury and illness classification manual. Naics is the product of a collaborative effort between the united states u. This updated manual discusses preinspection procedures, types of violations and penalties, food industry sic codes, a list of osha standards and emergency action plans. This page allows the user to search the 1987 version sic manual by keyword.

Standard industrial classification manual at osha site the sic system assigns numerical codes to industries from two to four digits. Sic division structure occupational safety and health. State of california occupational safety and health cal osha san bernardino, ca, 92401 us 621111 offices of physicians except mental health specialists. The latest sic coding system can be found on statistic sa. The surface elevation at the piezometer p7 location on november 30, 2012 was estimated to.

Established in the united states in 1937, it is used by government agencies to classify industry areas. Inspections within industry occupational safety and health. The issue of converting from sic to naics codes was addressed in the 2001 rulemaking 66 fr 5916. Upcodes provides a searchable database to navigate regulations. How can i determine the correct naics code for my business. Committed to fully implementing all provisions of the ess corporation quality and safety manual.

Naics 4 digit industry group 4842 specialized freight trucking. The purpose of calculating industry ratios is to evaluate your chosen companys strengths and weaknesses as compared to those of competing businesses in that industry. Government had written into the sic code manual that agencies could use additional subdivisions within specific fourdigit industries to further break down industries. A list of 4 digit sic codes with descriptions for download saintsjdsic4 list. Naics provides enhanced industry comparability among the three north american free trade agreement nafta trading partners, while also increasing compatibility with the twodigit level of the international standard industrial classification isic, rev. That question has plagued the members of the control system integrators association for years, according to vance vandoren, control engineering automation integrator guide editor.

Be sure to read the full description of the sic code, as it often includes a broader array of productsservices than you might assume. Sic codes, unless they are asked in writing to do so by osha, the bureau of labor statistics bls, or a state agency operating under the authority. These sector descriptions are based on standard industrial classification sic codes and industrial activity codes. Whats the sic code for industrial automation and control. Sic industry description sic code 545 dairy products. Agriculture, forestry, and fishing 01 agricultural productioncrops 011 cash grains 0111 wheat 0112 rice 0115 corn 0116 soybeans. If you prefer, you may download the manual in its entirety in two ways. Naics and sic industry information research guides at. Occupational injury and illness classification system, version 2. Osha instruction cpl 0200150, field operations manual, april 22, 2011. Standard industrial classification sic system search osha.

The sic codes were last published in 1987 and have been. Only edwosb naics codes are eligible for edwosb contracts. The valid standard industrial classification sic codes must be used for employment tax incentive eti purposes. Sic code industry description sic code industry description 525 hardware stores 725 shoe repair and shoeshine parlors 542 meat and fish markets 726 funeral service and crematories 544 candy, nut, and confectionery stores 729 miscellaneous personal services 545 dairy products stores 731 advertising services. The standard industrial classification sic is a system for classifying industries by a fourdigit code. A classification system shared across the three countries allows direct comparison of economic data across borders in. The north american industry classification system naics is the standard used by federal statistical agencies in classifying business establishments for the purpose of collecting, analyzing, and publishing statistical data related to the u. The sic system is also used by agencies in other countries, e. The ratios, or averages, are arranged by standard industrial classification sic andor north american industry classification system naics codes.

Only wosb naics codes are eligible for wosb contracts. Each naics code is designated as either a wosb or an edwosb. List of standard industrial classification sic codes emission statement report of actual emissions. The links in the table of contents below are to pdf files, each of which contains a section of the manual. The wosb federal contract program includes 3 sixdigit wosb naics codes based on the 2012 list of naics codes. Standard industrial classification codes sic codes identify the primary line of business of a company. The naics code has been collected for inspections since 2003. April 19, 2012 potentially responsible party internet information sources prpiis denotes a fee for service page 6 uk business and finance. Mosh instruction 118 sitespecific targeting for ffy 2012. On january 1, 2003 osha began using the north american industry classification system naics for industry identification in its various data sets. The sic classification system is used by government and private agencies to classify industry areas. Frequently asked questions faqs naics us census bureau. Industrial classification codes and coke manufacturing facilities. The naics code may be determined by accessing the online naics manual.

A mathematical table used by actuaries to calculate the nonforfeiture values of industrial life. The sic codes are a statistical classification standard underlying all establishmentbased federal economic statistics classified by industry. Virtually every building, process, service, design, and installation in society today is affected by nfpa documents. This page allows the user to search the 1987 version sic manual by keyword, to access descriptive information for a specified 2,3,4digit sic, and to examine the manual structure. Standard industrial classification sic system search. Each record series must be scheduled for appropriate disposition. There really is no naics code for automation and control system integrators, and the csias efforts to create one have not been successful so far. One of the questions we are most frequently asked by small employers is about the socalled rule of 10. It is the most widely used system by the us government, public, and private organizations north american industry classification system naics codes is the alternative code structure, updated every 5 years. Industrial classification codes and standard industrial. If you click on the link above and the target url does not connect to a u. Osha inspection manual, 5th edition the food institute.

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