Book of thessalonians explained

This summary of the book of 1 thessalonians provides information about the. It is helpful to trace the locations of paul and his companions that relate to. The first epistle to the thessalonians, commonly referred to as first thessalonians or 1. The thessalonians will be the sign and proof of the success of their work. Summary of the book of 2 thessalonians bible survey.

Summary of 1 thessalonians 4 paul reminds his audience of the teachings they were given, saying, you learned from us how you ought to live and to please god as, in fact, you are doing 1 thessalonians 4. Introduction in chapter 1, paul begins with a salutation or greeting 1. That will be the perfect result of all their labour. Landscape the bustling seaport city of thessalonica was the capital of macedonia, located along the egnatian way the most important trade route in the roman empire, running from. In answer to a question that disturbed the community, paul explained that. And he rescues us from the anger of god that is coming. Summary of the book of 1 thessalonians story of the.

Although the present work is an exposition of pauls letters to the thessalonians, in order to grasp some of the observations that i will make in this chapter and a later chapter, we 1 vincent cheung, commentary. Verse 5 paul and his friends preached the gospel of jesus christ to the people at thessalonica. Book of 1 thessalonians matthew henry bible commentary. Weima begins with the historical background of the letters. The book of 1 thessalonians was written in approximately a. David guzik commentary on 1 thessalonians 1 describes how the gospel caused changes in the tessalonian christians, which caused them to become. The book of 2 nd thessalonians is a pauline epistle letter from paul. The first epistle to the thessalonians, commonly referred to as first thessalonians or 1 thessalonians, is a pauline epistle of the new testament of the christian bible. The thessalonians standing there will be like a crown to paul, silas and timothy. Intro to 1 thessalonians biblica the international bible society. Letters of paul to the thessalonians bible britannica. Paul then wrote another epistle, 2 thessalonians, to correct certain misunderstandings and further to encourage the church. The letters called epistles from paul to thessalonica, which included i thessalonians and ii thessalonians were probably two of the earliest letters paul had written which was around a.

Book of 2 thessalonians, explained scripture by scripture. Paul goes on to explain that the dead will be resurrected prior to those still living, and both groups will greet the lord in the air. They thought it had come already so they stopped with. Letters of paul to the thessalonians, two new testament letters written by.

The purpose of ii thessalonians was in part is to encourage the church due to persecutions. The book of 1 st thessalonians is a pauline epistle letter from paul. The key personalities in this book are the apostle paul, silas, and timothy. The epistle is attributed to paul the apostle, and is addressed to the church in thessalonica, in modernday greece. Paul needed to address the three troubles the church in thessalonica faced.

Pauls anxious wait in athens 15 timothys comforting report 610 prayer for the thessalonians 11 4. Book of first thessalonians overview insight for living ministries. Later he sent timothy to encourage the believers there with sound doctrine, and to report back to paul. Paul boasts of the thessalonians because their faith grows despite persecutions and tribulations. Read and study 1 thessalonians, including book summary, with the verseby verse bible commentary. The first book of thessalonians niv audio holy bible high quality and best speed book 52 duration. Going to thessalonica transferred the ministry of the gospel to western civilization. Read and study 1 thessalonians, including book summary, with the versebyverse bible commentary.

Obviously, an explanation of some kind was in order, and this situation, more than. It was the first he wrote to european christians, and in it the fundamental things of the christian life are very clearly set forth. Paul wrote this letter to strengthen and encourage the church in thessalonica. Two letters that paul wrote to the church in thessalonica are preserved in the new testament. Study 1 thessalonians using matthew henry bible commentary complete to better understand scripture with full outline and verse meaning. Best commentaries and books on 1 thessalonians logos. The book of 2 thessalonians was likely written in ad 5152. What is the purpose of the book of 2 thessalonians. The key personalities in this book are the apostle paul, timothy, and silas. However, timothy soon returned with a good report, prompting paul to pen 1 thessalonians as a letter of encouragement to the new believers.

A few months later, while paul was still in corinth, he received word from thessalonica that his teaching on the day of the lord had been misunderstood by some in the thessalonian church. Paul wrote these letters in response to timothys report that the thessalonians church was prospering despite intense persecution from factions. Nine of these book are letters to local churches like the one in thessalonica. In the church of thessalonica there were some misunderstandings about the return of christ. It was founded by cassander, king of macedon 315 b. Paul wanted to check on the state of the thessalonians faith, for fear that false teachers might have infiltrated their number. Constables notes on 1 thessalonians 2020 edition could have been his first inspired epistle. Knowing, brethren beloved, your election of god 1 thessalonians 4. Gods righteousness will be revealed when the thessalonians have rest from persecution at the revelation of the lord jesus from heaven. Check out this summary and commentary and the book of i thessalonians.

Pauls ministry in thessalonica 112 thessalonians accepted gods word 16 paul longs to see the thessalonians 1720 3. They reveal the apostle pauls heart and passion as he seeks to guide this congregation towards health and balance. We learn from the book of acts that during pauls stay in the city of thessalonica. Paul had founded the church in thessalonica during his second missionary journey acts 17 and he and his companions often desired to return to thessalonica but were unable 1 thess. For this reason, when i could stand it no longer, i sent to find out about your faith. Book of first thessalonians overview insight for living. He provides with an overview of ancient thessalonica and the founding of the thessalonian. The apostle paul identified himself twice as the author of this letter 1. First epistle to thessalonians read the bible online. Book of 1 thessalonians outline summary online bible nwt. I was afraid that in some way the tempter might have tempted you and our efforts might have been useless.

Summary two letters that paul wrote to the church in thessalonica are. This was the beginning of spreading the gospel from the continent of asia to the continent of europe. The thessalonian letters present the first literary evidence for the use of parousia. Jeffrey weima provides an indepth look at two of pauls most intriguing letters. Can you summarize the book of 1 thessalonians 1thessalonians. After paul started the church in thessalonica, he wrote this first letter to the believers there within just a few months of leaving. Remembering without ceasing your work of faith, and labour of love, and patience of hope in our lord jesus christ, in the sight of god and our father. Watch our overview video on 1 thessalonians, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. Over a quarter of 1 thessalonians and nearly half of 2 thessalonians deal with problems and issues regarding the parousia or coming of christ from heaven.

In 1 and 2 thessalonians youll learn important truths about christs coming specifically regarding the rapture and the antichrist. Introduction to niv study bible go to 1 thessalonians. In the greek new testament, 2 thessalonians is listed as to the thessalonians. The second epistle to the thessalonians begins with almost the same wording as the first epistle. The church in thessalonica still had some misconceptions about the day of the lord.

Macedonia was the former kingdom of alexander the great he wanted one world domination and enlightenment with the culture of greece. This summary of the book of 2 thessalonians provides information about the title, authors, date of writing, chronology, theme, theology, outline, a brief overview, and the chapters of the book of 2 thessalonians. Paul wrote this letter to strengthen and encourage the church in. Second thessalonians is the ninth of pauls letters. First thessalonians is the eighth of pauls letters. In doing this he described them as a pattern or model for all the believers in macedonia and achaia because of the way the word of the lord had sounded forth from this body of believers. It was a great commercial center of pauls time, the inhabitants being greeks, romans and jews.

Summary of the book of 1 thessalonians bible survey. Historical allusions in the book fit pauls life as recounted in acts and in his own letters 2. It still exists under the name of saloniki, and has a population of from 75,000 to. Letters of paul to the thessalonians, the book of thessalonians, were two new testament letters written by paul from corinth, greece, about 5054 ad and addressed to the christian community he had founded in macedonia. The first letter 1 thessalonians was written to a community of believers who had been christians for only a short period of time, probably no more than a few months. It is likely the first of pauls letters, probably written by the end of ad 52 however, some scholars believe. This represents the apostle pauls second canonical correspondence to the fellowship of believers in. Enduring word bible commentary 1 thessalonians chapter 1. They will be like the crown that was the reward for the winner in a race. Paul has heard reports of their growth and gives thanks for this 1. In his pastoral epistle paul is cheering them on in order to help them persevere 1.

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