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Johnny confides this in ponyboy from his hospital bed. Soda and darry come to the hospital to pick up ponyboy, and they learn that dallys arm is burned and johnny is in critical condition. He comes from an abusive home, and he takes to the greasers because they are his only reliable family. Hintons the outsiders, johnny died a hero because he ran into a burning church, without thinking twice, to save young children he had never met before who were stuck inside. Johnny and pony run away and soon, along with dally, they save children from a fire. What was johnnys medical condition in the outsiders answers. Dec 27, 2019 dally manages to escape the hospital to participate in the rumble, which ends with the greasers winning the fight.

The best movie quotes, movie lines and film phrases by movie quotes. After pony talked to randy, the socs leader, a new cut takes place and we see him and twobit visiting johnny in the hospital. I used to love the outsiders, but rewatching it recently, i wasnt quite sure why. In johnnys violent world, a volatile greaser like dally is the best father figure he has. Dec 27, 2019 with these words, sherri cherry valance discusses her social group with ponyboy curtis after they bond at the drivein movie theater in chapter 2. Some things i found that just happened in the book was in the opening part of the movie, because in the movie ponyboy is hanging out with dally and johnny and they go to the movies with the socs.

After johnny s death and dallys departure, ponyboy wanders through the hospital s halls in a daze. These should be compared to show why sometimes movies get things wrong. Pony takes the death of johnny and dally a little less harder the movie then he did in the book. Darry and sodapop come to get ponyboy, and darry and ponyboy make up. Two bit when two bit find out you got jumped and had to go to the hospital he hurt the people who hurt you and rushed to your side and never left it. He was also beaten by the socs gang and lives in fear of having to fight. The transition was shortened here in the theatrical version. In the outsiders, the character of johnny cade was played by ralph macchio. Summary when twobit and ponyboy arrive at the hospital, the nurses wont let them see johnny. Having sustained major burns and injuries after the fire, johnny expresses his desire to live. Buck merrills tom waits road house where ponyboy and johnny go to.

The only reason bob doesnt start a fight with ponyboy and the others after the drivein movie is that the girls are there. Why doesnt johnny want to see his mother in the outsiders. Johnny was smaller than the rest, with a slight build. As ponyboy and twobit leave, she accosts them and blames them for johnnys condition, and twobit insults her. Johnny cade was a greaser, one of the three deuteragonists of the outsiders and its film adaptation. In the outsiders, who came to see ponyboy in the hospital.

The greasers and the socs puts ponyboy curtis and his best friend johnny cade in a bad spot. You still have a lot of time to make yourself be what you want. The outsiders movie and movie differences 959 words. Johnny rushed up and stood in front of the closed door a sick feeling in his stomach. Aug 26, 2009 johnny died in the hospital after having a broken back from jumping from the church. The exterior of the hospital, now known as the osu medical center at. This movie deals with two gangs in tulsa, oklahoma. I saw it for the first time in early 2017 on one of those obscure old movie channels on cable and got hooked. Johnny is dying and is not impressed that the greasers won the rumble. An unexpected night occurs and johnny murders a soc. In 2005, a directors cut dvd, titled the outsiders the complete novel, was. It wouldve been very hard for him to live with himself if he hadnt tried to help and the kids had then died. The two girls are socs and think the two boys are nice. The first day you got put into the hospital in till you can leave.

One of the main themes is the conflict between social classes. Hinton was very much involved in the creation of the movie from scouting locations to even playing a cameo role as a nurse in the hospital where dally and johnny are treated. The outsiders dally drives ponyboy to hospital duration. Ponyboy and johnny go to the movie theater 05012014. Lying in a hospital bed in the outsiders, matt dillons character playfully threatens a. Dally drags ponyboy away so they can go to the hospital to tell johnny of their victory. Compare and contrast the outsiders book and movie bartleby. The outsiders is a 1983 american comingofage drama film directed by francis ford coppola, an adaptation of the 1967 novel of the same name by s. Outsiders book and movie comparison book summaries. E hinton wrote this book when she was in high school because she was friends with gang members and she would get upset by how they were treated. Themes in the outsiders the movie versus the book has society changed. A film adaptation was produced in 1983, and a littleknown shortlived television series appeared in 1990, picking up where the movie left off.

With that foreboding statement, the boys go in and find johnny awake and able to talk. It was 37 years ago, in march 1983, that the outsiders opened in movie theaters nationwide, taking tulsa author s. One night at the movies, ponyboy and johnny fall in love with sherri cherry valance and marcia, once they get dally winston, the toughest and meanest of the greasers to stop attempting to score with the girls. The only thing that seems to prevent bob from drowning ponyboy is the intervention of johnny, who stabs bob. He leaves the hospital and roams the streets until a stranger picks him up and drives him home. Pony is in denial about johnny s death, and keeps repeating that he isnt dead. Great memorable quotes and script exchanges from the the outsiders movie on. You were rushed to the hospital where johnny ran to. Johnny cade came from a troubled home where he suffered abuse at the hands of his. The outsiders what were johnny s last words to ponyboy. Along the way, they are stopped by a policeman for speeding, but dally fools him easily with an excuse. Yet, johnny s words show us a case of deep self esteem problems. Darry doesnt treat pony as bad in the movie as he did in the book.

The outsiders 1983 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Playing the doomed johnny cade, ralph macchio seen here walking through the. In the novel the outsiders, how does johnny end up in the hospital. Why was johnny in the hospital in the novel the outsiders. While he has often been suicidal because of his chaotic and unstable home life, he now insists to ponyboy that. Ponyboy and johnny go to the movie theater and they meet two girls,cherry and marcia. The following morning, the newspapers proclaim ponyboy and johnny. Explore the locations where the outsiders movie was. The socs drove by in their car when ponyboy was walking with the girls. Johnny wants ponyboy and twobit to bring him another paperback copy of gone with the wind, so ponyboy can continue reading it to him like he did before the fire. The socs and greasers fight because they are afraid of difference. Twobit and ponyboy are at the hospital visiting johnny. Hintons creation from classic novel to a film beloved by.

Johnny ended up in the hospital because he received horrible burns from saving the children from the burning church. Both stories take place around tulsa, oklahoma in 1965. Johnny s statement shows just how much the daily threat. When his parents arent physically and or verbally abusing him, theyre ignoring him. What does two bit do that scares johnny and ponyboy in the. The outsiders pony and johnny change their hair duration. What is the impact of johnnys visitors in the hospital from. These two gangs are called the socs short for socials and the greasers. The movie dosent mention sodapops horse mickey mouse. The novel describes johnny as a lost puppy and a puppy that has been kicked too many times. At the hospital, he is diagnosed with minor burns and bruises. Later, ponyboy visits johnny at the hospital, where he is in critical condition. The outsiders seems to hit all of the hot issues that confront teenagers.

Johnny cade is a vulnerable sixteenyearold greaser in a group defined by toughness and a sense of invincibility. After the incident at the drivein, johnny and ponyboy are both growing weary of the constant tension between the greasers and the socs. In the movie, there is a rich south side soc and a poor north side greaser. The outsiders movie and movie differences 959 words bartleby.

Johnny saved the kids because it was the right thing to do. The exterior of the hospital, now known as the osu medical center at 744 w. Following the death of dally, darry lashes out at the cops while ponyboy faints. Study guide chapter 1 what is ponyboy doing at the beginning of chapter 1. Francis ford coppola in the outsiders 1983 tom cruise in the outsiders 1983. What hospital in the outsiders did johnny go to answers. Meanwhile there is a rumble planned between the socs and the greasers. The outsiders movie dally in the hospital duration. The outsiders 1983 darren dalton as randy anderson imdb. Johnny knows that his condition is not good, and he is afraid of dying.

Sep 18, 2017 the outsiders movie part 9 retrofan harrypotterfan. Johnny threatens to commit suicide, which frightens ponyboy. When twobit and ponyboy arrive at the hospital, the nurses wont let them see johnny. Dally runs out of the room in a maniacal frenzy, while pony returns home feeling disoriented. The outsiders house may be the most famous location where the francis ford coppola movie, based on a book by s. Meanwhile, the two groups are about to have a rumble to settle their differences once and for all, and everything boils up to a tragic conclusion.

His east side neighborhood is patrolled by bullying socials, rich kids from the west side of. Dally is not badly hurt either, but johnny s back was broken by the falling roof, and he is in critical condition. However, if dally had replied yes to johnnys question, johnny would have gone into hiding. The only reason bob doesnt start a fight with ponyboy and the others after the drive in movie is that the girls are there. The three return to their hometown though dally and johnny are in the hospital and find themselves rendered heroes. However, the doctor permits their visit because johnny has been a.

He tried to get in the room to be with you but they wouldnt let him in while they were trying to bring you back. Then later at the playground, the socs descend on johnny and ponyboy, almost drowning in a nearby fountain. He and dally were able to save all of the children, but johnny died later on in the hospital. He waited in the hall and some nurses and doctors came out of the room. However, the doctor permits their visit because johnny has been asking for them and it cant hurt now. Nov 01, 2012 i think the outsiders was a great movie and book but, there was some differences. Over thirty minutes was cut before release, due to movie executives fearing it to be too long, and a chance of upsetting fans of the book, making the movie ninetyone minutes. Johnny does not like to fight because he has been both physically and verbally abused at home. Asked in the outsiders in the book the outsiders what did johnny want the boys. We first meet our narrator, fourteenyearold ponyboy, as hes walking home from the movies alone, which is something we know hes not supposed to be doing. Back in town, johnny is in the hospital in bad condition, ponyboy is reunited with his older brothers, who welcome him back with open arms, and the triodallas, johnny and ponyboyare celebrated as local heroes. The movie was released in march of 1983 and is noted for its cast of upandcoming young stars.

The book and movie may have the same plot but have small yet noticeable differences. Ponyboy gets beat up ponyboy and johnny go to the movie theater. Get an answer for what is the impact of johnny s visitors in the hospital from the outsiders. Dally is recovering nicely in the hospital, and for. According to pony, sixteenyearold johnny looks like a little dark puppy that has been kicked too many times and is lost in a crowd of strangers 1.

Hinton was 15 when she started writing the novel but did most of the work when she was 16 and a junior in high school. He had 3rd degree burns all over his body and he was paralyzed from his lower back down because of a piece of wood falling on him in the burning church. Who went with ponyboy to visit johnny at the hospital. He is only 16 years old, but has already been beaten down by the cruelty of life. With these words, sherri cherry valance discusses her social group with ponyboy curtis after they bond at the drivein movie theater in chapter 2.

Johnny died in the hospital after having a broken back from jumping from the church. In the complete novel edition of the dvd, in the scene just after ponyboy and twobit visit johnny in the hospital, they ride the bus and the man sitting behind them to the right of them is reading the newspaper with the article about dally, ponyboy, and johnny facing the camera. Johnny assumes dally doesnt want to see him running forever. Ponyboy had just told her about johnny being attacked by a mustang full of socs and being brutally beaten, to the point that he always carries a switchblade with him. The outsiders, a book and movie, portrays a small gang going through hard times. The outsiders 1983 darren dalton as randy anderson. The outsiders is an amazingly emotional movie based upon the phenominal book written by s. Explore the locations where the outsiders movie was filmed. Johnny rushed up and stood in front of the closed door a. Dallys breaking point in the novel the outsiders seemed to be. Johnny refuses to see his mother when he is in the hospital because he feels that she does not care about him. All are apart of the book and movie, the outsiders.

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